Life Coaching: Aligning Contentment for Total-Picture Wellness.

The “TURN THE PAIGE” Package (available in one-on-one, individual sessions only).

This 6-month coaching package is designed to assist you in evaluating and aligning the various areas of your life. Do you feel happy and content, or are there areas of your life where you are struggling, such as finances, relationships, spirituality, or career?

When even one area is out of balance, it can throw other areas off, and we won’t experience true overall wellness.

As we continue to make our way through the world-wide Covid-19 pandemic, do you want to just get back to normal? Or do you want to elevate your life and get back to BETTER, because normal wasn’t actually so great?

Evaluate twelve life categories and rate your level of contentment in each area. Do you have challenges in one or more areas that are blocking your happiness?

Identify these challenges and develop a plan to eliminate them in this comprehensive and holistic examination of your true wellness.

Take proactive action to bring your life back to balance and learn strategies to check-in with yourself moving forward.  You deserve to feel joy, contentment, and happiness – every day!

This 6-month coaching package features 45-minute Zoom sessions every other week, a 30- minute alternate week check-in via telephone or FaceTime call (your choice) and one motivational check-in SMS text weekly.

Price: $2,599