INTERMITTENT FASTING (IF) WEIGHT LOSS PACKAGES Always consult your personal physician before you begin any health improvement program. Positive change happens best in *community (with others): with support, solidarity, accountability, friendship, laughter, possibly some tears, and making memories. And not just any community, but YOUR crew, who could consist of:
  • Siblings or other family members
  • Best friends
  • Co-workers
  • Church friends
  • Neighbors
  • Any *group that you belong to
  • Any combination of the above
*community or *group: minimum: two people, maximum = no crew member limit.

My sisters are my crew: who makes up your crew?


I want to join your crew as your coach, as someone who has experienced your situation. I want to walk this journey WITH you and your crew. Every person who signs up for a crew coaching package will receive a 25% discount on the package price. Plus earn a $40 referral fee for every crew member that you refer who signs up for a crew coaching package! Lasting change is an ongoing process; what could that change look like for you?
  • Weight loss
  • Improving health markers
  • Increased energy
  • No more aching joints, constant exhaustion, brain fog, etc.
  • Increasing self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Renewed joy in living your best life
  • The ability to play with your children or grandchildren